Partners and Sponsors

Are you interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of Reading Rainbow Live?


Reading Rainbow Live is committed to inspiring a love of reading to as many children as possible, and you can help!

Individuals, companies, and other entities are invited to become “Rainbow Ambassadors,” to give the gift of Reading Rainbow Live to children by purchasing additional tickets for our “Rainbow Fund.”  Tickets contributed to our “Rainbow Fund” will be distributed to educators, schools, and kids who may not have the opportunity to enjoy Reading Rainbow Live.

Your small gift will have a tremendous impact on a child as they continue their lifelong journey of learning.

To become a Rainbow Ambassador or for more information about larger charitable donations or our 501(c)(3) status, please click here to reach out to us.

Partners and Sponsors:

Buffalo Toronto Public Media (WNED PBS)

JPA Productions


Special thanks to our friends at Blue Balloon Songwriting for sharing their talented songwriters in our first event!